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Pre-Owned Phacos

Alcon Series 20000® Legacy®

Sun Coast Medical presents Pre-Owned Phacos at a fraction of the original cost. We are providing the ophthalmic medical community with quality pre-owned Phaco equipment.

Each unit is completely refurbished and reconditioned; the savings mean added value for your Ophthalmology practice.
The Alcon 20000 Legacy offers an easy to operate user interface, an intelligent, interactive software simplifies usage with prompts, menus and self-diagnostic capabilities, electronic voice confirmation of system commands enhances control and safety, broad range of programmable tones confirms system performance during procedures.
Cutting-edge programming capabilities give the surgeon precise control during the procedure, electronic voice confirmation of system commands enhances control and safety, The Legacy is very flexible, accommodating different surgical techniques and advanced technology allows the surgeon to effectively perform cataract procedures with minimal risk to the patient.

Alcon Series 10000® Master

Superb surgeon controlled ultrasound (standard or pulsed) from 0 to 100% power, ultrasonic I/A, I/A Min, I/A Max settings from 0 to 400+ mmhg, programmable settings for 3 surgeons, pneumatic vitrectomy from 1 to 400 cpm, bipolar cautery, sterile remote control, automatic I/V pole, advanced technology footpedal. Includes 1 ultrasonic, irrigation, and I/A handpiece - $4,995.00!

Sun Coast Medical also offers the "PRO-VIT" OMNI pneumatic vitreous cutter, phaco tips and other accessories at cost-effective pricing. Please visit Phaco Tips and Vitreous Cutter for more information.

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