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New Pulse Oximetry Technology with Compatible Finger Probes

Sun Coast Medical offers New Pulse Oximetry Technology featuring compatible finger probes for many pulse oximeters. Our new finger probes are durable and comfortable for the patient, producing reliable monitoring data, and meet the original manufacturers' specifications. This new pulse oximetry technology will reduce false alarms and unstable readings associated with motion and low perfusion

Sun Coast Medical has researched testing results on these new finger probes and has remained on the cutting edge of pulse oximetry advancements. Our research into and accurate monitoring results allow increased efficiency in the pulse oximetry market that has historically been plagued with unstable technology, over budgeted operating costs, and risks to patient care and treatment procedures.

We are here to show you the benefits this new pulse oximetry technology will provide. Sun Coast Medical can implement significant efficiency, and reduced operating expenses when performing pulse oximeter monitoring procedures. The nursing shortage isn't a secret in today's healthcare industry, and having a nursing staff respond to false alarms increases costs while reducing overall patient care due to nurse intervention to an unreliable sensor response. The impact of accuracy associated with our pulse oximeter finger probes will help maintain the productivity nursing staffs face daily.

In order to help you effectively evaluate these technology changes the pulse oximetry marketplace is faced with, we encourage you to contact Sun Coast Medical. We can help your practice or organization decide the exact needs in advancing the improvements we provide with our pulse oximeter compatible finger probes.

SpO2 Sensor Repair Service
Finger probe, ear probe, and pre-amp cable repairs are also available at affordable prices. Contact us for more information!

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