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Sun Coast Medical Repair Services

Sun Coast Medical offers high-quality cost-effective repair services to medical facilities including hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, veterinary practices, and third party service providers. Quality long-lasting repair service is the foundation of our business and our friendly knowledgeable staff is the core of our success.

Repair Services Include:

  • Fetal Transducers
  • Flexible Scopes
  • Rigid Scopes
  • HP Patient Modules
  • Oxygen Blenders
  • Phaco Handpieces
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Pulse Oximeter Sensors
  • Wall Suction Units
  • Below is a list and price schedule of our most popular services. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us with questions about any service not currently listed.

    Fetal Transducer Repairs
    Manufacturer Model Price
    Hewlett Packard, GE/Corometrics All $165.00
    Hewlett Packard, GE/Corometrics Leg Plate (FECG) $120.00

    SpO2/Pulse Oximeter Probe Repairs
    Manufacturer Model Price
    Nellcor All $69.00
    Spacelabs All $75.00
    Ohmeda All $75.00
    Masimo All $75.00
    Datascope All $69.00
    Hewlett Packard All (Rubber Boot Style Extra) $75.00
    Nonin All $69.00
    Criticare All $69.00
    BCI All $69.00
    Datex All $75.00
    Invivo All (Except MRI) $75.00
    Novametrics All $75.00
    Nihon Kohden All $75.00

    SpO2 Adaptor Cable Repairs
    Manufacturer Model Price
    Nellcor EC-8, DEC-8 $45.00
    Nellcor SCP-10, DOC-10, MC-10 $75.00
    Spacelabs All Except Ultrview Series $75.00
    Ohmeda All $75.00
    Masimo All $75.00
    Datascope All $69.00
    Hewlett Packard All $75.00
    Criticare All $69.00
    Datex All $69.00
    Novametrics All $75.00
    GE/Marquette All $69.00
    Corometrics All $69.00

    Wall Suction Regulator Repairs
    Manufacturer Model Price
    Minor/Major Repair
    Precision Medical
    All Models $75.00/$125.00

    Oxygen Blender Overhaul
    Manufacturer Model Price
    Bird, Seimens, Ohmeda
    Biomed Devices
    Small Block
    (Low Flow, Microblend)

    Rigid Scope Repair
    Manufacturer Model Price
    Dionics, Wolf, Stryker,
    Storz, Olympus
    All $750.00-$1,100.00

    Flexible Scope Repair
    Manufacturer Model Price
    Olympus All Video Scopes $375.00-$3,995.00

    HP Module Repair
    Model Description Price
    M1001A ECG $320.00-$360.00
    M1002A ECG/Resp $350.00-$385.00
    M1006A/B PRESS $285.00-$320.00
    M1008A/B NIBP w/o pump $460.00-$520.00
    M1008A/B NIBP w/pump $600.00-$680.00
    M1016A CO2 $465.00-$600.00
    M1020A SpO2 PLETH $390.00-$440.00
    M1029A TEMP $260.00-$280.00

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